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Hybrid Membrane Systems

Increased Efficiency by Integration of Processes

Uniquely we bring together electro-membranes and pressure-membranes into an advanced machine. We take advantages of both processes and integrate them into a unique correlated and interconnected system. We do it to increase economic efficiency or because technically one system would not work without the other. 

Numerous of applications benefit from pressure-membrane technology and electro-membranes combined to one single unit.

Main Features and Applications

Integration of individual membrane operations in order to keep or even strength their advantages into one single system cuts down costs significantly.

Usually our Hybrid systems are fitted within one compact frame which is optimal for quick and efficient long-distance transport.

Brine Management attributes are minimization of volume, reductions of cost and maximization of product water. Picking up the benefits of electro and pressure processes allows us to select highest efficient technology and not being limited by its limits.

Brackish water desalination by hybrid technology benefits from lowest pressure pre-desalination followed by electro-membrane process as fine water tuning providing customized water with constant quality and possibility to adjust/ change final product ion composition.

Success Story

Integrated System RO & E-SORP for Sea Water Desalination

Our parent company BKG & Separionics delivered unique hybrid technology of low pressure reverse osmosis and electrical sorption for sea water desalination for a hotel resort in Tanzania. Benefits of such solution are mostly in lower capital cost due to low pressure operation CAPEX as well as efficient operation cost OPEX plus ability to tune the water quality based on immediate current in-rush.

Capacity of the unit is 3 m3/h. 

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