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Capacitive Deionization

Advanced electro-membrane technology for highly efficient ion removal with lowest energy consumption and high recovery.


Electro-membrane technology for targeted ion removal of highly saline or complicated solutions, efficient liquid concentration, splitting salt streams into acid and caustic products or chemical-free pH adjusting of a process streams.

Hybrid Membrane Systems

Combines pressure-membrane and electro-membrane technology to achieve high energy efficiency and low investment for desalination of highly saline liquids.

Lab & Pilot Trials

Our pilot units are ideal for testing a wide variety of new applications, verifying a setup, and making samples of purified product and brine before scaling up. Pilot trial results can be easily translated to industrial scale. We can offer full pilot plant range which allows our customers test any setup.

Process Design

We have in-house chemical and process engineers combining membrane processes together and providing highest efficiency and added value to our clients.

Skid Fabrication

Our in-house workshop includes number of skilled workers to deliver highest skid quality production without significant outsourcing.

Assembly & Commissioning

In-house design allows for customized skid fabrication reflecting requirements such as footprint, individual size needs and transport efficiency.

Maintenance & Spare Parts

We provide services beyond warranty period. With in-built remote access devices we offer comprehensive services to maintain your technology on regular basis without traveling to your place. Daily basis packages also available.

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