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Customized membrane systems and solutions

Capacitive Deionization

Advanced electro-membrane technology for highly efficient ion removal with lowest energy consumption and high recovery.


Electro-membrane technology for targeted ion removal of highly saline or complicated solutions, efficient liquid concentration, splitting salt streams into acid and caustic products or chemical-free pH adjusting of a process streams.

Hybrid Membrane Systems

Combines pressure-membrane and electro-membrane technology to achieve high energy efficiency and low investment for desalination of highly saline liquids.

We are driven by values

Our mission is to combine advanced membrane processes into machine that provides the highest added value in your own process. At Separionics we remove or concentrate ions and molecules from various liquids. Our never-ending journey goes with targeted-removal of ions and their targeted-placement whereas keeping most of the others in the solution. This is a masterpiece that goes with experience, known patterns, knowledge of anomalies, controlled predictions and endless testing. We work on it every day.

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