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Capacitive Deionization E-SORP

New Way of Desalination

Membrane capacitive deionization (MCDI), also known as “Electrochemical Demineralization“ or as “Electrosorption“, is an advanced technology to desalinate water and other liquids by applying electrical voltage to the electrodes. MCDI is a technology to remove ions from water by applying an electrical voltage difference between two porous carbon electrodes, in which ions will be temporarily stored. Our capacitive deionization E-SORP is a green technology that works without use of chemicals, in most cases without any pre-treatment and at lower cost of energy compared to conventional technologies. Due to precise state-of-the-art DC injection technology the E-SORP can provide very efficient regeneration with up to 98% of recovery and desalination removal around 95% on average.

Main Features

Electrically charged elements and compounds are retained, stored and discharged. Selective removal or concentration is possible.

Tuning of output TDS level is one of key advantage of our E-SORP. Operator controls immediate product quality by inputting desired desalination level. Precise DC current injection system applies voltage in a way that maintains desired level of quality and only when needed; starts automatically regeneration. E-SORP maintains a level of quality without fluctuations and reacts on input changes immediately.

Under certain conditions we are able to achieve 98% recovery. Only 2% of the total feed is discharged. Our clients achieve average recovery over 85% without pre-treatment.

While RO efficiency is decreasing with higher temperature, E-SORP can desalinate aqueous solutions at temperature range from 5 to 60 °C without declined performance.

Fewer or no chemicals are needed compared to traditional technologies because electrodes are not a physical barrier and that results in fewer propensities to fouling and scaling.

Membranes do not serve as physical barrier. E-SORP can operate with higher feed limits compared to traditional technologies so less or no pre-treatment is needed. There are no feed limits for hardness/alkality and silica.

E-SORP is very robust; physical force or badly performed operation or wrong flow adjustments do not easily and necessarily lead to irreparable damages like pressure membrane technologies. Absence of physical barrier leads to longer life expectancy and less operational issues. E-SORP consists of fewer parts and can be easily monitored and re-adjusted via remote access. We can perform maintenance for you anywhere in the world in case of problems in system operation.


MCDI is chemical-free technology with precise quality control. We can precisely control concentrate so no highly saline wastewater is produced and discharged to the local environment. No pre-treatment such as softening is needed that discharges a huge amount of concentrated NaCl to the local environment. With energy consumption typically below RO in comparable brackish water applications, E-SORP ranks on a privileged level of sustainability in brackish water desalination.

E-SORP is modular, scalable and plug & play system with literally pushing a button and starting the operation. Each unit is thoroughly factory wet tested and pre-set.
Our OEM partners worldwide benefit from our Construction kits that allow them to manufacture the E-SORP units locally in accordance to our design guidelines and customize based on their own ideas and needs. We developed several Construction kits to supply our technology and added value in the most efficient way. Construction kits are easily stackable to minimize the volume and weight for quick and efficient transport. Transport of the desalination technology has never been more efficient!


Know before you invest

We offer E-SORP pilot equipment to rent or buy to determine its suitability before you invest in a full scale system.

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